Membership by post and cheque/PO is currently unavailable. However, you can  join us on our Facebook pages: The National Collins22 Society Dublin Branch and The National Collins22 Society Laois Branch. 

From very humble beginnings in 2002 the Collins 22 Society, (Now ‘The National Collins22 Society’), was founded by the late Mr Bill Martin, and has developed into an international movement. It is now nationally recognized as an online research resource on Michael Collins by the NLI and other historical research institutions. The Society has grown way beyond our initial expectations and now needs to be adjusted to meet the demands on its resources with the growth of new branches and members both domestically and internationally. In order to meet the challenges and ultimately achieve the goals of perpetuating the life and works of Michael Collins, we need to draw from his example and establish a solid financial footing for the Society to move forward. One of the major projects to be undertaken by the Society is to upgrade the website to a CMS platform. The website is in the process of being rebuilt and is now capable of use on Smartphones, Tablets etc. At one of our recent AGM’s, a motion was unanimously passed to initiate an annual subscription of €10 per member to support its growing profile. This alone is a modest amount which will allow the Society to operate on a sound footing. The upgrade of the website to a CMS Platform will hopefully incorporate a comprehensive in-depth interactive guide to the last forty-eight hours of Michael Collins ‘Final Journey’ including the ambush and his death at Béal na Bláth. 

Members who have joined within the past twelve months or have already made their contribution are not obliged to pay until 2014. If you have an email address available to you and are not in receipt of the monthly newsletter please register on the home page. (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)

Many thanks for you continued support

James Langton

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Lifetime Membership subscription is a once off fee of €30 plus an annual payment of €10.00 between June 1st and Sept 30th.  You will recieve a Membership Certificate and Members Pin by post, as soon as your membership has been processed Members who supply their email, will automatically be signed up for the Collins 22 Newsletter, which goes out around the 22nd of each month. Membership is international and open to all. Why your membership is so important.

The Collins 22 Society was established as a National movement on 6/12/2002. This decision was inspired by the dedication of the Béal na mBláth Commemoration Committee led by Frank Metcalfe. We, like them, feared that the sacrifice of Michael Collins was being eroded from living memory, and that his legacy could be stolen from future generations.


The key objectives of the Society are;

· To perpetuate the name of Michael Collins.

· To honor his ultimate sacrifice.

· To aspire to his life principles.

· To extend the influence of Michael Collins by promoting an interest in his life, his work, his writings, primarily among the youth of Ireland.

Our ethos philosophically reflects that of Michael Collins.  We are non-political, non-sectarian and non-denominational Society. Michael Collins short life offers us a vision of a healthy society based on our God-given human dignity. ENDS


The foregoing represents the Society’s Mission, due to the prevailing ideology and value system – modern politics is failing people in so many ways.

Officers & Committee members

PATRON: Nora Owen


James Langton, Bob Martin, Ronnie Daly, Paul Fleming, Paul Callery, Terry Crosbie, Rod Dennison, Lynn Brady, David Quinn, Dermot O’Connor, Tomás Coyne, Darren Conroy, John Bonham, Jim Kells, Mary Gee, Michael Doran and Noel Scannell.

WEBMASTER/EVENT ORGANISER: James Langton, 8 Palmerstown Drive, Palmerstown, Dublin 20. Mobile: 085 7612728, email:

UK ORGANISER: Martin Dunne



DUBLIN BRANCH  (Glasnevin Grave and Flower Maintenance) NATIONAL ORGANISERS: James Langton, Paul Fleming, Ronnie Daly, Rod Dennison, Paul Callery, Dermot O’Connor, Terry Crosbie and Lynn Brady.

LAOIS BRANCH NATIONAL ORGANISERS: Robert Martin, Darren Conroy, John Bonham, Jim Kells and Mary Gee.

To enquire about the Collins 22 Society, please contact James Langton at: